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Framtiden i våra händer

Our Projects

Our Projects 2017 - 2025

Housing project

We help all homeless students, new arrivals, singles and couples, single mothers, and pensioners to get access to good housing.

Project description Stockholm city

Project description Stockholm County

Do you want to find your best accommodation from www.dreamhome.one

Email: info@dreamhome.one

Dream job project

We help the unemployed, new arrivals, get a good education before gaining access to a good job or internship.

We have different study groups for our members in languages, cooking, outdoor life, start-up, vocational training, etc.

Look at www.dromjobbisverige.com

Email: info@dromjobbisverige.com

Start Your Own Project

Our idea bank helps your company's development become better and save you time, we take care of your book association and annual accounts.

End of yearbook, book association.
Start your own consultancy.

Want to know more see http://www.idebank.eu

Email: info@idebanken.eu

The investment project

Sweden needs more housing, World online Invest housing projects can help you get a good return.

Housing project
job project
construction project
restaurant Project
Hotel Project

Email: kunder@worldonline.nu

Property Service

24service home fixer projects help customers fix garden and home fixer various services.

Garden service
Home cleaned
Build tidy
offices cleaned
Home fixer

Email: info@24service.org


Build the Project

Sweden needs more housing, FTMT Sweden AB Buy empty build housing and renovate the old house. now have several renovating projects in progress.

25 square meter small house construction project
apartment renovating project
villa renovation project
Hotel and restaurant renovation project.

Email: info@ftmt.se


The Senior Network Project

We pensioners meet on 12 occasions and train to use computers and learn digital communication together.

For registration with us.

Contact: Zeki Mermer

Email: zeki.mermer@weilai.se

Lawyer_The counseling project

We help our members with various legal problems such as

Accommodation and condominium
Business agreement
Labor law
Tax matters
Divorce and cohabitation agreement
Visa and residence permit
Family law

Email: info@idealjurst.com


The communication project

We want to invite you and your family, especially your children to the beautiful Nordic area to experience the natural and cultural environment.
We have brought together all the great resources, including fine schools and a prestigious football club. With them, your children will learn football and other sports like all local children, let them learn teamwork better. Of course, it's also a good time for you to bond with your family! Come and join us this summer!

Email: linda.gu@weilai.se

Kitchen / Restaurant

Employer: Dröm Jobb Sweden AB

Workplace: Various restaurants.

They pay for Dröm Jobb Sverige AB, and then Dröm jobb Sverige AB pays for workers.

Every hourly wage.

How many more of us have to hesitate to cure their disease, buy cheap food, or worry about their high energy bills?

Health nonprofits cover a wide range of areas, and are concerned with helping the body or mind. Illness and disease studies, medical disciplines and professional studies, substance abuse and additional treatment programs in hospitals, mental health, and crisis services all fall into this category.

Food around the world today is getting more and more expensive. Already in 2021, global food prices have risen in some cases by 28%, the highest increase in a decade. The situation is exacerbated by the war in Ukraine starting in 2022 and an increase in extreme weather events in many parts of the world. For many of the already poor chronically food-importing countries in the southern hemisphere, rising food prices could have dire consequences, leading to starvation, famine or social unrest. The food security of millions of people is at risk.

The energy crisis is affecting many of us. While there is a price cap it doesn't apply to all users. These users include schools, churches, nurseries and playgroups, social groups for the elderly - many of which are registered charities - and the unemployed and disabled. There are serious concerns that services may have to be reduced due to the pinch of rising fuel costs and falling revenues. Nursing homes and workhouses will have to reassess their cost allocations in light of soaring energy prices. This could result in higher prices being charged to beneficiaries or other cuts, affecting the charity's ability to achieve its charitable purpose.