About Us

About Us

About WEILAI The future in our hands Non-profit Association

Weilai is an ideal-based organization that started in 2017. Weilai is Sweden's first association for the homeless, unemployed, newly arrived, single mothers, active leisure for young people and children, and pensioners. This means that we address everyone who wants to live and work in our business; such as vulnerable children and women who do not want to identify themselves.

If you need support and help Click here, Weilai.

Weilai rests on a humanistic foundation and in addition to our support work, we also carry out preventive work in schools, leisure parks, retirement homes, associations and businesses to achieve our vision; an equal, egalitarian society free from violence and oppression.

Board Member

Linda Gustafsson



Åke Setreus

Ledamot ekonomi


Henry Väljä

Ledamot medlem


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